Morning Journal Club – Study Group

KAND Journal Club has been in existence for over 40 years, meeting in members’ homes once a month for 2 hours each from October to May, except December.  In May, we decide on topics for the next year and apply for prior approval over the summer.  Participants search for articles on the topic and everyone adds to the discussion.  We use JADA articles, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Nutrition Newsletters (e.g. Tufts), NY Times Science Section and ADA information, plus the internet.

Topics have included Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes—all aspects, Food Safety, Cancer Prevention, Nutrition Guidelines, Eating Disorders, Childhood Obesity, etc.

Chairman: Carolyn Perry-Burst, MS, RD, LDN

Attendance & RSVP: 2 CEU’s available per session. All registered dietitians are welcome to participate. Please contact Carolyn (, Joan (577-4003) or Marge (588-0085) for location and to RSVP.

Meeting Time: 9:30 – 11:30 am

Topics for KAND Journal Club 2019-20

Learning Objectives

At each session the participants will:

  1. engage in discussion of subtopics each club
  2. verbalize new information acquired, and how it will be useful to their professional aspirations and/or describe how the information will used personally

October 2, 2019

Review research for Gut/Brain Axis

  1. What is the Effect of Food on Cognition?

Gomez-Pinella F. National Center for Biotechnology Information 2008 Jul; 9(7): 568–578. doi:  10.1038/nrn2421. PMCID: PMC2805706; NIHMSID: NIHMS162299; PMID: 18568016

  1. Emerging Theories: Discuss links between the gut and brain on potential impact regarding neurological development and disease


Li Q, Han Y, Dy AB, Hagerman RJ. Review Article: The Gut Microbiota and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Front. Cell. Neurosci. 28 April 2017. Accessed 6 June 2019.

Celiac Disease

Kreitler S, Kreitler M. Emotional Correlates of the Celiac Disease: A Possible Link in the Gut-Brain Connection? ARC Journal of Psychiatry. 2017;2(2)21-29. Accessed 5 June 2018.

 Weight & Obesity

Wolfram T. Exploring the Gut-Brain Axis. Food & Nutrition. December 15 2017.


November 6, 2019

Busting the Myths about Eating Disorders and Looking at the Role for an RD

  1. Discuss 9 common myths of eating disorders

From a series of videos, Cynthia Bulik, Ph.D., of the University of North Carolina, The video was excerpted from a talk, “Eating Disorders Essentials: Replacing Myths with Realities,” presented at the NIMH Alliance for Research Progress Winter Meeting, February 7, 2014 in Rockville, MD.

Bulik C. Myths about Eating Disorders Busted. Multi Media Presentation. NIMH News and Events. 25 February 2014. Accessed 6 June 2019.

  1. Is there a need for an RD in treatment and recovery from eating disorders?

Tabaie WE. Eating Disorders: Preventing Side Effects in Anorexia Nervosa
Today’s Dietitian. Vol. 19, No. 5, P. 16 May 2017.


January 8, 2020

New Information on Vitamin D: Health Professionals and Practice Applications

  1. Discuss considerations in testing, counseling and supplementation

Taylor C. Rosen J, Dwyer T. Practice Applications-Consideration for dietetic counseling for Vitamin D. J Acad Nut June 2019 Volume 119 Number 6. Accessed 10 June 2019.

  1. Compare and contrast guidance from NIH to health professionals with AND Practice Applications

NIH Office of Dietary Supplements. Vitamin D-Health Professionals Fact Sheet. Accessed 7 July 2019.


February 5, 2020

Programs and Food-Related Services for the Geriatric Population

  1. Discuss programs and services available to senior citizens

From the Academy: Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior: Food and Nutrition Programs for Community-Residing Older Adults. J Acad Nutr Diet. Volume 119 Number 7. July 2019.

  1. Review MyPlate for Older Adults and discuss Accessed 7 July 2019.


March 4, 2020

Foods and Eye Health

  1. Discuss research and specific nutrients that appear to be important to eye health, particularly treatment & prevention of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Wolfram W. Eating for Eye Health. Food & Nutrition Magazine. 19 April 2019.

Kohn J. Are There Nutrients to Support Eye health? J Acad Nutr Diet. Accessed 5 July 2019.

  1. Separating Fact from Myth regarding supplements for eye health

National Institute of Health, National Eye Institute. Facts about age-related macular degeneration. Accessed 10 June 2019.

April 1, 2020

Sodium and Potassium Update

  1. Review the health impact of dietary sodium and potassium

CDC. The Role of sodium and Potassium in your Diet. Accessed 8 June 2019.

  1. Discuss Chronic disease related Dietary Reference Intake additions for sodium and potassium Accessed 8 June 2019.


May 6, 2020

Mercury Exposure: Environmental and Human Impact on the Food Supply

  1. Discuss factors related to contamination of mercury

Eagles-Smith C. Mercury contamination is widespread, at various levels across western North America in air, soil, sediment, plants, fish and wildlife. Department of the Interior, Office of Communications and Publishing. U.S. Geological Survey. Release Date: SEPTEMBER 14, 2016. Accessed online july 23 19.

  1. Discuss sources of mercury contamination and those most vulnerable to effects of toxicity and its health impact. Accessed 11 July 2019.

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