2020-2021 Board of Directors


Kristen Clay

Elected 2019-2022

As KAND President, I look forward to continuing to promote dietitians as the nutrition experts in Knoxville and assisting our members in connecting with each other and the rest of the community.

Peggy Pratt

Elected 2020-2023

I am so excited to be your new President-Elect! I promise to advocate for all dietitians to be known as the nutrition experts in East Tennessee and will work to build relationships within every area of our profession. I will support continued involvement in the community and state as well as try to provide engaging continuing education opportunities. Lastly, I would like to maintain and develop new and enjoyable ways to connect and learn from each other in order to build a solid and cohesive network of practitioner’s working in the Knoxville and surrounding areas.
Past President/Bylaws

Kathy Irwin

Elected 2018-2021

As the KAND Past President and bylaws lead, I plan to support the President and President-Elect in any way I can. I also wish to continue to support and promote dietitians and dietitians-to-be in our area.

Jenna Martin

Elected 2020-2022

As Secretary, my goal is to enhance communication from the KAND board members to the membership, provide accurate information to the membership in a timely manner, and be of service to the dietitian community and Knoxville community.

Madden Wilson

Elected 2020-2022

As the KAND Treasurer I plan to uphold the financial integrity of our organization and help meet our goals. I am the outpatient RD at GI for Kids and enjoy teaching and serving our community in this position. By being more involved with KAND, I look forward to getting to know other RDs in the area and gaining knowledge of various aspects of our profession.
Nominating Chair

Rachel Ignomirello

Elected 2018-2019

As nominating chair, I help bring in members to KAND and pull great members for our Board nominations! I first joined KAND as a dietetic intern in 2015 and have been a member since. KAND benefits me because I’m able to network with local dietitians and improve my skills through educational meetings. If you’d like to serve or have nominations, please reach out. I look forward to making KAND a bigger, better organization.
Nominating Chair-Elect & Membership Directory

Kristin Riggsbee

Elected 2020-2021

I joined KAND to better understand how we can play a role in working with communities to support optimal nutrition as well as impact changes in our state and national professional organizations.
Nominating Committee
CPI Chair/Sponsorship

Claire Hines

Elected 2019-2021

Awards and Scholarship

Louise Scruggs

Elected 2019-2021

It is a pleasure to serve on the Board of Directors for our local Academy, and I am looking forward to this term’s activities!

Lisa McCune

Elected 2020-2022

Lisa is very passionate about dietetics and looks forward to advocating for the profession to promote healthier lives for Knoxvillians and all Tennesseans. She is currently working with the Kroger company as a Retail Dietitian Coordinator since December 2017. In her free time Lisa enjoys spending time with family, CrossFit workouts, and walking her dog, Josie.
Volunteer Reporter & Historian

Lee Murphy

Appointed 2020-2022

I am so excited to be back involved in KAND and will work hard to continue the promotion of RD/RDNs as THE leading nutrition and health experts in our communities!
NNM/Media Chair/Media Spokesperson

Lee Murphy

Appointed 2020-2022


Mariel DuVal

Appointed 2020-2022

Student Delegate

Anna Darty

Appointed 2020-2021

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