The nomination deadline is November 2nd.

Award Nominations

  • Nominator's Information (You)

  • Nominee's Information

    Nominees must be a member of KAND, TAND and AND ("Friends of KAND" are not eligible). The Iris Award nominee should NOT be a member of KAND/TAND/AND. Self-nominations accepted for all categories except for the Preceptor Award.
  • *Any DPD or DI Program director of an accredited program in Tennessee can make 1 nomination to their local dietetic association; student/intern input is highly recommended! Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Charitable Community Nutrition Award

    The recipient of this award must be a non-profit organization that aligns with KAND's mission to promote optimal nutrition, health, and well-being in the community. If you nominate an organization below, you may be contacted at a later date to supply additional information about the organization. Members will vote on the nominees for this award. The award will be presented next Spring during our awards ceremony.