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Nutrition Educator – Knox County WIC

Position Information
Position Title
Nutrition Educator
Hiring Organization
Knox County WIC
Knoxville, TN
Type of Position
Hiring Organization’s Website
Candidate Requirements
MINIMUM TRAINING AND QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s Degree required in Nutrition, or Nutrition related field. A minimum of six (6) semester-hours of coursework in nutrition is also required. Clear and concise skills with clients care plans and detail abilities in the follow-up process are preferred. Good communication skills are highly recommended. Ability to speak and write in Spanish and English preferred.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be physically able to operate a variety of office machines and equipment. Must be able to use body members to work, move or carry objects or materials. Must be able to exert up to twenty pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to ten pounds of force frequently. Physical demand requirements are at levels of those for mildly active work. Must be able to lift and/or carry weights of up to twenty-five pounds.
Brief Job Description
The following duties are normal for this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned. Assesses the nutritional status and dietary practices of WIC participants by evaluating subjective and objective data of prenatal, postpartum, and breastfeeding women, infants, and children; uses WIC guidelines for assessing individual nutritional and health risks. Promotes maintenance and use of growth charts in medical records; plots anthropometric measures in growth charts and uses data in risk assessments. Weighs and measures WIC program participants and assesses adequacy of dietary intake according to WIC standards. Develops an appropriate individualized nutrition care plan that is clear and concise for each client to meet his or her needs, and assists the client with choosing appropriate nutrition intervention based on findings. Uses FNS Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment (VENA) counseling skills to provide individual counseling for clients; dispenses selected literature; initiates follow-up and referral as required. Listens attentively to clients, encouraging them to share pertinent information regarding nutritional status; acts as facilitator to help clients gain insights enabling them to implement positive behavioral changes; records information accurately and concisely and in accordance with agency and WIC guidelines. Prepares and presents nutrition lessons to program participants; conducts food demonstrations using WIC-adapted recipes; presents learning objectives and uses visual aids and group process techniques providing for a positive learning experience; evaluates presentations for efficacy. Develops WIC informational pamphlets and nutrition-related bulletin boards. Selects and utilizes nutrition-related literature, visual aids, and audio-visual items; selects, tests, and publishes recipes utilizing WIC foods, modifying them to be in compliance with U.S. dietary guidelines for fat, sugar, and sodium content. Assists the Supervisor in preparing for the local agency’s educational plans for the current year, utilizing community needs assessment, current WIC services survey results, state plans, federal register regulations for the WIC program, and various surveillance data to develop and evaluate program services and benefits to local program participants; works to facilitate the achievement of goals for the current year. Works with undergraduate and graduate nutrition students engaged in a field experience with the KCHD. Assists in training new employees; assists with work in other areas of the agency when requested to do so. Pursues training opportunities to enhance professional knowledge and development. Participates in community health fairs by providing professional nutrition counseling and information; designs and prepares WIC displays accordingly. Promotes WIC program through media presentations and WIC outreach programs in the community. Conducts follow-ups by phone or in writing to clients who have missed scheduled appointments or who have dropped out of the program. Answers telephone daily, providing information regarding the WIC program to all concerned parties.
Application & Contact
Applications will be accepted until:
July 4, 2019
Interested candidates should apply by:
  • Visiting our website
Online Application Link (if applicable)

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