Kathy Irwin

Elected 2018-2021

I plan to engage as many RDNs as possible by offering an avenue of timely information to benefit the well being of our patients and community. I hope to encourage RDNs to practice at the top of their scope with confidence.

Kristen Clay

Elected 2019-2022

As your President-Elect, I am enjoying finding new speakers for KAND to learn from. I look forward to serving as KAND’s President next year.
Past President/Bylaws

Khrysta Baig

Elected 2017-2020

As the KAND Past President and bylaws lead, I plan to focus on supporting the President and President-Elect. I also plan to lead a comprehensive review of our policies, procedures and bylaws.

Lindsay Miesel

Elected 2018-2020

As secretary, I will act as a liaison between KAND’s executive committee and its members. I want members to feel informed, valued, and supported and will communicate objectives and activities to you while maintaining accurate and up-to-date records. I will also happily answer or re-direct any questions you might have.

Sarah Griswold

Elected 2018-2020

My goal as Treasurer will be to ensure fiscal responsibility to support the programs and mission of KAND. With my prior experience on the board, I understand the process of annual budgeting and the desire to maintain solvency for the future of our organization. I hope to support board members in spending their allocated funds and to offer timely financial reports to both the board and members.
Nominating Chair

Carolyn Perry-Burst

Elected 2017-2019

Nominating Chair-Elect & Membership Directory

Rachel Ignomirello

Elected 2018-2019

I help bring in members to KAND and pull great members for our Board nominations! If you’d like to serve or have suggestions, please reach out. I look forward to making KAND a bigger, better organization.
Nominating Committee
CPI Chair/Sponsorship
Awards and Scholarship

Louise Scruggs

Elected 2019-2021

I joined in 2019 as the Awards Chair for our local chapter. In this role, I hope to help encourage members to recognize each other’s accomplishments and elevate our local dietitians as educators, preceptors, and clinicians.

Shanthi Appelo

Elected 2018-2020

As KAND Legislative Chair, I plan to disseminate information regarding national and state level legislation to our members. In line with AND and TAND, I will keep members updated with calls to action and ways to get involved. I will be continuing to plan an annual legislative event. Through this term, I hope to network and build friendships with other KAND dietitians.
Volunteer Reporter & Historian

Karen Wetherall

Appointed 2015-Present

I’m excited to bring celebration to KAND as we move into our 70th year. I enjoy documenting KAND history at meetings & award ceremonies & sharing this information through photos with TAND & other RDNs via social media.
NNM/Media Chair/Media Spokesperson

Lisa McCune

Appointed 2019-2021

KAND is a wonderful way for Registered Dietitians in the Knoxville area to connect and utilize each other as resources to help people live healthier lives. As the experts in food and nutrition, it’s so important for RDs to have a strong media presence to relay accurate nutrition information to the public. That is why I am honored to serve in this role.

Khrysta Baig

Appointed 2015-Present

As Webmaster, I am working behind the scenes to keep our website updated and information accessible to our members.
Student Delegate