KAND Leadership, 2011-2012

The 2011-2012 roster of KDDA board of directors includes:

Linda Quimby, President
Linda Quimby, President










Leah Schumacher
Leah Schumacher, President Elect
Rebecca Spurgeon President
Rebecca Spurgeon, Past President










Karin Adler, Secretary










Kristen Slusher










Heather Pierce, Nominating Chair
Heather Pierce, Nominating Chair


Katie Kavanagh, Nominating Chair Elect


Sandy Altizer, Council on Professional Issues Chair

Sara Griswold, Council on Professional Issues-Elect

Denise Wood, Directory

Mary Ellen Sherry, Membership & Fellowship

Melissa Hansen-Petrik, Career Guidance

Janet Seiber, Scholarships & Awards

Cheryl Hill, Teleseminars

Karen Lacey, Volunteer Reporter

Jennifer Nicklas

Rachel Kinney
Rachel Kinney, NNM/Media Co-Chair
Lee Murphy, NNM/Media Co-Chair
Lee Murphy, NNM/Media Co-Chair

Siri Khalsa-Zemel, Webmaster

Shannon Looney, Legislation

Karen Wetherall, Bylaws

Amber Donaldson


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