2008-2009 Award Winners

Karen Wetherall received Outstanding Dietitian of the Year at TDA.
Presented by Kathy Mount & Virginia Turner.


Stephanie Joyce receives Outstanding Dietetic Student at TDA.


  • Iris Award:  Jim Ragonese
  • Outstanding Dietetic Student:  Mona Habibi
  • Outstanding Dietetics Educator:  Marsha Spence
  • Recognized Young Dietitian:  Cynthia Lowe
  • Emerging Dietetic Leader:  Sarah Mathis
  • Outstanding Dietitian of the Year:  Karen Wetherall
  • Ellen Neal Scholarship:  Susan B. MacArthur

2007-2008 Award Winners

Iris Award:  Laura Harrill


Outstanding Dietetics Educator:  Jayne Hillhouse


Recognized Young Dietitian:  Sandy Altizer


Outstanding Dietitian of the Year:  Mendy Cobb


Ellen Neal Scholarship:  Renee Stancliffe


Emerging Dietetic Leader:  Joana Goan

Outstanding Dietetic Student:  Kathy Irwin


2006-2007 Award Winners

  • Iris Award:  Dr. Brian Daley
  • Outstanding Dietetic Student:  Eriko Grover
  • Outstanding Dietetics Educator:  Carolyn Perry-Burst
  • Recognized Young Dietitian:  Heather Pierce
  • Emerging Dietetic Leader:  Teresa McCusker
  • Outstanding Dietitian of the Year:  Kim Pryor

2005-2006 Award Winners

  • Iris Award:  Dr. Jay Whelan
  • Outstanding Dietetic Student:  Courtney Phifer
  • Outstanding Dietetics Educator:  Melissa Hansen-Petrik
  • Recognized Young Dietitian:  Siri Khalsa-Zemel
  • Outstanding Dietitian of the Year:  Virginia Turner

2004-2005 Award Winners

  • Iris Award:  WBIR TV
  • Outstanding Dietetic Student:  Nicole Clemente
  • Outstanding Dietetics Educator:  Lisa Cooper
  • Recognized Young Dietitian:  Janet Seiber
  • Emerging Dietetic Leader:  Leesa Swaggerty
  • Outstanding Dietitian of the Year:  Lee Murphy

2003-2004 Award Winners

  • Iris Award:  Dr. Jim Bailey
  • Outstanding Dietetic Student:  Frances Heller
  • Outstanding Dietetics Educator:  Joan Dawson
  • Recognized Young Dietitian:  Lori Harrison
  • Emerging Dietetic Leader:  Beth Booker
  • Outstanding Dietitian of the Year:  Becky Burnett

2002-2003 Award Winners

  • Iris Award:  Dr. John Eaddy
  • Outstanding Dietetic Student:  Carrie Barker
  • Outstanding Dietetics Educator:  Susan Brantley
  • Recognized Young Dietitian:  Lee Murphy
  • Outstanding Dietitian of the Year:  Trudy Euler

2001-2002 Award Winners

  • Iris Award:  Rep. John Duncan
  • Outstanding Dietetic Student:  Reena Oza
  • Outstanding Dietetics Educator:  Betsy Bohannon
  • Recognized Young Dietitian:  Jennifer Pingleton
  • Outstanding Dietitian of the Year:  Susan Fowlkes

2000-2001 Award Winners

  • Outstanding Dietetic Student:  Lee Murphy
  • Recognized Young Dietitian:  Linda Yates
  • Emerging Dietetic Leader:  Debra Seay

1999-2000 Award Winners

  • Outstanding Dietitian of the Year:  Leslie McAmis
  • Outstanding Dietetics Educator:  Karen Wetherall
  • Outstanding Student: Grace Huppert
  • Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year: Stephanie Welch
  • Emerging Dietetic Leader: Linda Knol

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