Board of Directors 2012-2013


Board of Directors:

President: Leah Schumaker

Past President: Linda Quimby

President Elect: Cheryl Hill

Secretary: Lizzy Miller

Treasurer: Kristen Slusher

Nominating Chair: Katie Kavanagh

Nominating Chair Elect: Melissa Hansen-Petrik

Nominating Member: Kathy Irwin

Council on Professional Issues Chair: Sarah Griswold

Council on Professional Issues Chair-Elect: Tegan Medico

Member Initiatives

Directory: Sandy Altizer

Membership and Fellowship: Heather Kaufman

Awards and Scholarships: Ashlee Schoch

Teleseminars: Ciara Csanadi

Volunteer Reporter: Karen Lacey

NNM/Media: Jennifer Nicklas, Rachel Kinney, Lee Murphy

Webmaster: Rachal Wall,

Policy Initiatives:

Legislation: Shannon Looney

Bylaws: Peggy Pratt

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