Board of Directors 2013-2014


Board of Directors:

President: Cheryl Hill

Past President: Leah Schumacher

President Elect: Sarah Griswold

Secretary: Brenna Ross

Treasurer: Debbie Fox

Nominating Chair: Melissa Hansen-Petrik

Nominating Chair Elect: Andrea Kendrick

Nominating Member: Kerri Brown

Annual Update Chair: Tegan Medico

Annual Update Chair-Elect: To Be Determined

Member Initiatives

Directory: Sarah White

Membership and Fellowship: Carey Ardner

Career Guidance: Sarah Colby

Awards and Scholarships: Ashlee Schoch

Teleseminars: Ciara Csanadi

Volunteer Reporter: Karen Lacey

NNM/Media: Kori Higgins

Webmaster: Lindsay Miesel

Policy Initiatives:

TAND Delegate: Anna Pace

Legislation: Kristen Slusher

Bylaws: Peggy Pratt

Student Delegate: Emma Brand


Board of Directors members can view documents such as the KAND organizational chart, job descriptions, and templates here and read meeting minutes here.

To meet the board of directors from 2012-2013 click here!

To meet the board of directors from 2011-2012 click here!

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