Janet Buck

Elected 2016-2019

  In my role as KAND President for 2017-18, I hope to support KAND as the organization that represents all Registered Dietitian/Nutritionists in the Knoxville area.  We strive to provide an excellent opportunity for networking and obtaining educational opportunities for our members.  We hope to advocate for our profession and for the health of our community through improved knowledge and understanding of food and its impact on our health.

Khrysta Baig

Elected 2017-2020

  As the President-Elect, I am working to plan interesting member meetings that provide opportunities for our members to learn about national and local changes in the field of nutrition. I’m enthusiastic about working with the current board, supporting our current KAND President and preparing to serve as President next year.
Past President/Bylaws

Megan Minner

Elected 2015-2018

  I plan to provide support to president, board and update policy and procedures in By-laws.

Kelly Crusenbury

Elected 2016-2018

  I will be holding the secretary position for my second consecutive year. My mission as secretary of KAND is to enhance the process of accurately and efficiently maintaining, preserving, and making available KAND records while serving the KAND members by being prompt and courteous.

Ashlee Schoch

Elected 2015-Present

In addition to managing current cash flow and savings, I am focused on converting our financial records to electronic files.
Nominating Chair

Peggy Prat

Elected 2016-2018

 It is my honor to serve the members of KAND this year by acting as Nominating Chair.  My mission is to attract and assemble a great slate of officers to serve KAND in the years 2018-2019.  KAND is a great way to network, have fun, and get to know other local RD’s.   If you are interested in serving next year, please let me know as I would love to talk to you!
Nominating Chair-Elect & Membership Directory

Jeanne Davis

Elected 2017-2019

My goal is to grow the KAND membership and recruit diverse and enthusiastic individuals to keep our organization vibrant.
Nominating Committee

Becky Burnett

Elected 2017-2018

Not Pictured I would like to develop a description of duties for my position which is the 3rdmember of the nominating committee.
CPI Chair/Sponsorship

Megan Rodgers

Elected 2017-2019

  As CPI Chair, I plan to continue to build relationships with outside organizations to help support KAND efforts. I’ll also be working on developing routine communication with a student liaison to learn about and keep members up-to-date on their involvement within the community and on campus. Lastly, I will be helping plan the Legislative Breakfast in March, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to send them my way!
Awards and Scholarship

Kristen Clay

Elected 2017-2019

  I’m your awards and scholarship chair this year and I am looking forward to finding and honoring the best and brightest of KAND.

Karin Adler

Elected 2016-2018

  As KAND Legislative Chair, I disseminate information regarding national and state level legislation to our members, in line with the AND and TAND.  I am coordinating legislative action and contact between members and legislators.
Volunteer Reporter & Historian

Karen Wetherall

Appointed 2015-Present

  This year I am working to digitalize all of the important KAND documents and photos to create an online scrapbook and timeline of KAND’s colorful past. Additionally I document KAND events and provide updates of our activities to TAND for their newsletter and distribution.
NNM/Media Chair/Media Spokesperson

Andrea Kendrick

Appointed 2017-2019

  As KAND’s media chair and media spokesperson I hope to disseminate nutrition information for the public; and see KAND become the known nutrition authority in the community.

Khrysta Baig

Appointed 2015-Present

  As Webmaster, I am working to keep communications current on our website. I also plan to work on projects that support communication and collaboration, such as starting cloud file sharing for the board.
Student Delegate

Alex Nussbaumer


  As the Student Delegate, I will keep KAND up to date with what the Nutrition students are doing at the University of Tennessee as well as keep the students of the Undergraduate Nutrition Student Association up to date with what KAND is doing.