KAND Board Google Drive

Click here to be directed to the login page for the KAND Board Google Drive. If you are currently logged into your own Gmail or Google account, you will need to either log out of that account or open drive.google.com in a private (incognito) window.

Quick tips about the KAND Board Google Drive:

  1. Login: Email eatrightknox@gmail.com if you forget the username or password. The username is not eatrightknox@gmail.com.
  2. Don’t Share: Do not share the Google drive or folders with your personal or professional Google account. Google’s shared folder ownership settings will create problems for future KAND board members who try to access files you upload into a shared folder. Don’t share the folders and you won’t need to worry about it.
  3. Don’t Delete Old Stuff: In general, do not delete files that you have not added to the Google Drive unless you are thoughtfully removing them file by file. We want the drive to serve as both a place to store current files and a place to locate documents from previous boards.
  4. Master Folder: The board contact list, budget, bylaws, policy and procedures, organization chart, job descriptions, meeting minutes, agendas and membership records should be saved in the “KAND Master Document Folder” so the entire board has easier access to these important files.
  5. Add Stuff to Your Year(s): Most files should be saved in the “KAND Board of Directors – Individual Folders” section of the drive. Please add files under your position and year on the board. If you serve a multi-year term, you can combined year folders if you prefer that setup.
  6. Collaborate and Transition Smoothly: Storing files in the Google Drive allows for easier collaboration between current board members and smoother transitions between past and present board members.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to save KAND files centrally! This is going to be a learning process for all of us. 

Google Drive Instructional Video

Please watch this YouTube video if you are unfamiliar with using Google Drive.